Featured Product

The DREAMINO Training System is built to teach everything from basic electronic theory to programming micro-controllers.

Featured Projects

Built around the Atmel ATTINY85 Micro Controller, these color changing ear rings are a statement piece.

A true point to point encryption solution for messaging with mobile devices.

An automated bell playing machine that can use a MIDI controller or user selected songs.  Featured at TEDx Augusta 2018.

EmCommHD is a radio platform that was built as a team with R6 Industries to send packet data from a web form over radiowave to other boxes.  Grand Prize Winner of the Southeast Startup Challenge Summit 2018.

This is a tutorial for using a thermal printer with Python 3.  This makes a great physical output device for scripts and logs.

This is a tutorial for downloading web links from a website.  In this example, I download a bunch of ‘.pdf’ files.

This is a tool designed for Verifone POS systems to quickly make changes across the pricebook.

Zip All is a portable minimalist’s archival tool for folders.

Ping_CMDR is a software tool for use with the Commander POS system.  It can be used to help troubleshoot the network for the equipment.

Learn how easy it can be to add RCA ports to anything, like a Sega Genesis.

We are creating a ‘virtual fitting room’ where you can goto your local retail location and in less than thirty seconds the retailer will have all of your measurements.  Finalist at the Southeast Makers Innovation Showcase at Maker Faire Atlanta 2017.

Using OpenCV with an IP camera can be difficult.  I had a hard time finding a tutorial on the subject.  This might help you.